The Vang Vieng New Area Project

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Laos Vang Vieng New Area Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as the project company) is a project company jointly funded and established by AMPLE RAY (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Yangpu Hongfan Investment Co., Ltd and Investment and Hydro Power Consultant Sole Co., Ltd (IHC). It is mainly responsible for finding sources of funding, construction and business operations for the Vang Vieng Development Project (hereinafter referred to as Vang Vieng New Area project). Under the witness of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Lao PDR, the Minister of Planning and Investment, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Government of the Lao PDR on behalf of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and my company on June 8, 2018.

The Vang Vieng New Area project is located on the west side of Nam Song River in Vang Vieng District, Vientiane Province; with an area of approximately 70 square kilometers, and the total investment is approximately US$5.5 billion. The project area has three sides are surrounded by mountains and the other side is adjacent to the Song River, an area of natural beauty and excellent Feng Shui area.

Based on the special characteristics and geography, according to the development situation and land use direction for the long-term development of the Vang Vieng New area project, the company will be based on the specific conditions of building a single design district throughout the project area and then will be divided into several phases in the development of the project, under the theme of “nature protection in Vang Vieng district”. The structural planning of Vang Vieng project area is: “2 axis, 7 development zones”; The ‘two axis’ are composed of tourism axis tourism sketching from the east to the west and the economic development axis sketching from the North to the South. “7 Areas” refers to the designation of key development areas in 7 development areas: the first phase of construction, the outdoor activity area, the International Trade Center, the International Health Restoration Area, the Buddhist Cultural Exchange Area, the forest and botanical garden, and the pastoral life and leisure vacation Area. Not only can it meet the needs of residents and tourists for food, accommodation, transportation, travel, and support, but also take into account the functions of cultural exchange and dissemination.

The Vang Vieng New Area Project will be developed and constructed in five phases, it will take 29 years. After completion, the population of the Vang Vieng New Area will reach 135,600 and the annual reception of tourists will reach 9 million. The VangVieng New area, displayed in front of tourists from all over the world, will be a city with complete functions and a cluster of emerging industries such as water, electricity, roads, communications, gas, trails, airports, schools, hospitals, conventions and exhibitions, temples, health care, and vacations. A modern and intelligent emerging city with ecological integration of industry and city, will become the national tourism card of Laos, the back garden of the capital Vientiane, a world-class vacation and health paradise, and a unique national official tourist city.

The goal of the development in Vang Vieng area of the project company is to make tourists all over the world have a good memory of Vang Vieng new area, make them want to come again, do not want to leave and still want to come back.