Lao IHC Mining Sole Co., Ltd

Lao IHC Mining Sole Co., Ltd “IHCM”, a company registered under the rules, regulation, and the Law of Lao PDR which established on October 12th 2018 with enterprise license code 01-00021748-451-6-(B/1). It is a subsidiary company of Investment and Hydropower Construction Consulting Co., Ltd. (IHC). IHCM was established to manage and implement various mining projects in Laos, with the aim to develop itself to become an international large-scale mining company that was including " mining investment, prospecting, exploration, feasibility study, mining and processing into production internationally" to fulfill the growing of mineral resources demands of domestic and foreign industrial markets.

The implementation of the mining project companies will contribute to the development of Laos and improvement of people's lives, And the Lao government will advantage from the mining projects:

- The Government involved in the management of minerals prospecting throughout the production process.
- Become a model project of entering the stock market which is recognized internationally.
- Laos’s mining product can be export.
- Benefits from project natural resources fees, income tax, exportation tax, payroll tax and other project taxes.
- Create a thousand careers for Lao people every year.