The Largest Professional Shooting Range in Asia

5 April International Shooting Range is a large - scale integrated shooting and entertainment venue for live - ammo shooting. Covering a total area of 120,000 square meters, it is by far the largest commercial shooting range in Asia with the most advanced facilities, the most diverse range of gun and the most professional management. 5 April International Shooting Range is jointly invested and established by Ministry of Public Security and Investment and Hydro Power Consultant Sole Co., Ltd (IHC).

Shooting items include pistols, rifles, shotguns, live ammunition, paintball and archery. There are 10 shooting ranges of 200 meters, 10 shooting ranges of 100meters, 10 shooting ranges of 50meters, 8 shooting ranges of 25meters, 20 IPSC training ranges, 2 paintball shooting ranges and 1 standard UFO shooting range.

We have professional shooting trainer and organize professional shooting competitions every year, such as: IPSC, IDPA. We regularly organize special training courses for Lao Military and Police. With varieties of guns, shooting course and added services, we strive to become the safest and largest shooting range in Asia.