The Laos 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project (Xiankhuang - Nasaythong Section)

The Laos 500kV Power Transmission and Transformation Project (Xiankhuang - Nasaiythong Section) is a big power transmission and transformation project that invested and constructed by Electricity of Laos (EDL), the project amount is 622,862,661.42 US dollars, and the construction period is 48 months. The project started in Xieng Khouang Province, Pasay District, and It ends in Vientiane, Nasaythong District, the whole journey traverses is 4 provinces, 8 districts and 58 villages, the scope of the project includes: build 2 new 500kV substations, One 230kV substation has been expanded, built new 500kV transmission line 210 km and 230kV transmission line 8.5 km on the same double-circuit power lines Tower,the main part of 500kV design is maximum transmission capacity of 2350MW, the transmission line engineering part of the project is all undertaken by IHC.

The project was born in accordance with the Lao Government’s "Seventh Five-Year Plan", and is guided by "One Belt One Road" initiative of China, As the first 500kV power transmission and transformation project that implemented in Laos, It is also a largest scale in the Laos power grid planning, the most complicated topography and geological conditions, and the most difficult construction of power transmission and transformation project, it has a wide range of social and economic benefits, it helps Laos build large-capacity, High-efficiency cross-border power transmission channel, to achieve the strategic goal of building "Southeast Asia Power Storage", At the same time, it serves to open up an efficient transmission channel that runs through China, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam, to realize the power interconnection with GMS and ASEAN countries, in the deep meaning.